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Our Mission

To glorify God by equipping believers to go to the people of the New London area with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and train them in their relationship with God so they in turn will do the same.

Faith Christian Church Wisconsin

Current Teaching

One of the best ways to learn something is to examine how contrastive it is to that which is next to it.  Jesus employs this kind of teaching often.  This Sunday we will see the contrast between how Jesus honors a nameless poor widow and how the religious leaders of His day disrespected Him.  We will be challenged to see things Jesus’ way.  Come join us for commuion and worship this Sunday.

Upcoming Schedule

Wednesday, August 16th

7:00 PM Truth Project at FCC

Thursday, August 17th

9:30 AM Women’s Study at FCC

No Worknight at FCC

Saturday, August 19th 

8:00-noon Church Workday on the building followed with lunch

Sunday, August 2oth   

10:00 AM Communion worship Service

Monday, August 21st

1:00 Community Prayer at FCC

Tuesday, August 22nd   

8:30 AM Pastor’s prayer at Community Bible Church in Black Creek

Wednesday, August 23rd 

7:00 PM Truth Project at FCC

Thursday, August 24th 

9:30 AM Women’s study of the Bible at FCC

No Work night at FCC

Sunday, August 27th 

10:00 AM Worship Service